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Server Maintenance is now Over!

Sammie1502 •Head Admin•
Sammie1502 @ Original SkyBlock
posted Wed at 19:22  -  Important

Hey Everyone, I would like to thank you all for your patience that you all have had while the Staff Team has delt with this server situation. 

I'm happy to announce that the server is now back up and running; if any problems arise please let a Staff Member know and we will gladly attempt to fix it for you. 

We have also added a new One-Time Kit called "Sorry", we have given this kit to our community as a "Thank-you" gift to show our gratatude for everyones patience, this is also a "Sorry" gift to apologize for the server downtime.

Once again, Thank-You!
OSB Staff Team ~

ninjasniper524 God Keep up the great job!
coolthom Titan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErvgV4P6Fzc
Gizzzzmo Sammie I do t see the kit

Staff Changes

captianbob •Owner• posted Aug 4, 16

In some recent events that have happened. Reags has decided to quit the staff team. 

She will be very missed and we all would like to thank her for everything she has done for the server. I don't even know if the server would still be up with out her. She will be extremly missed.

In wake of these events. ShaniePod has been promoted to HeadAdmin.

trxpical God ayyy shaunie lmao
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